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1:10 RC TRF419 X Chassis Kit Artikel-Nummer: 300042301
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The Tamiya Racing Factory team has been busy analyzing and tweaking the top-line TRF419 R/C chassis. The new and exciting TRF419X utilizes the same effective layout as the TRF419, but features multiple part re-designs, with many components produced in different material to optimize the 419X's flex characteristics and provide a lower center of gravity, maximizing grip on a variety of surfaces.

Newly Designed Parts
• Super Short Big Bore Oil Dampers
• Aluminum Front Suspension Mounts

Re-Designed Parts
• Suspension Arms
• Duralumin Front/Rear Bulkheads
• Motor Mount
• Servo Mount
• Rear Uprights
• Damper Stays
• Aluminum Battery Holders with slots for strapping tape
• Detachable inner camber link attachment piece allows for precise fine-tuning of the camber turnbuckle length.
• Rear oil-filled gear differential and front direct coupler spool.
• Includes item 54648 RC Stabilizer Ball Connector Fluorine Coated.
• Includes item 42231 RC TRF Damper Ball Connector.
• Requires: 2-Channel radio, servo, ESC, 7.4V racing battery, charger, 190mm body, wheels, and tires.

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