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Plastik Modelle

1:35 U.S. M1A2 SEP Abrams TUSK II

Art.-Nr.: 300035326

Art.Nr.: 300035326 Artikelbezeichnung: 1:35 U.S. M1A2 SEP Abrams TUSK II

During the 2003 Invasion of Iraq, the U.S. deployed its latest M1A2 Abrams main battle tanks and these continued to be used in Iraq during the subsequent occupation period. Due to the threats posed by RPGs and improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in the urban environments, the tanks were upgraded with more protection in the form of Tank Urban Survival Kits (TUSK I) in 2004. The upgrade included features such as reactive armor on the hull sides, hull underside armor to protect against land mines, an M2 machine gun mounted above the main gun barrel, infrared cameras for the crew, and an external telephone for communication with accompanying infantry. A further development called TUSK II added features such as tile-shaped reactive armor to the turret and hull sides, armored shield for the commander, and a rear-view camera. These kits could be installed in field depots in about 12 hours and different tanks had different features equipped.

About the Model

• 1/35 scale plastic assembly model kit of the latest M1A2 SEP Abrams.
• Includes parts to depict both TUSK I and TUSK II features.
• Detailed parts such as the armored shields for the commander and loader and barrel-mounted M2 machine gun are included.
• Intricate curves of the reactive armor tiles are accurately reproduced.
• Comes with one commander and one loader figure, both depicted with body armor.
• Two marking options for TUSK I and one marking option for TUSK II-equipped tanks included.

1:35 Israel. Panzer M1 Super Sherman

Art.-Nr.: 300035322

Art.Nr.: 300035322
Artikelbezeichnung: 1:35 Israel. Panzer M1 Super Sherman

Der erste schwere Kampfpanzer der IDF
Die Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) wurden 12 Tage nach der Unabhängigkeitserklärung von Israel gegründet. Zu dieser Zeit gehörten fast ausschließlich Infanteriewaffen zu deren Bestand. Ihre ersten Panzer wie zum Beispiel der französische Hotchkiss H-39s, der amerikanische M4 Sherman und der britische Cromwell wurden während des Arabisch-Israelischen Krieges im Jahr 1948 beschafft und der Sherman wurde aus dieser Auswahl zu dem ersten schweren Kampfpanzer der IDF gewählt. Der Sherman bot eine gute Kombination aus Bewaffnung, Panzerung, Mobilität und mechanischer Verlässlichkeit und da während des zweiten Weltkrieges 50 000 Exemplare produziert wurden, waren zu Nachkriegszeiten viele Restfahrzeuge erhältlich. Die IDF erstand bis zum Ende des Jahres 1953 um die 200 Shermans aller Varianten, der Großteil davon war mit einer originalen 75 mm Kanone oder einer 105 mm Haubitze ausgestattet.
Entwicklung des M1 Super Sherman
Neben seinen zahlreichen Vorzügen, war die eine große Schwäche des Sherman seine Bewaffnung. Die meisten von der IDF beschafften Shermans waren mit einer 75mm Kanone bewaffnet die schon gegenüber den deutschen Panzern im 2. Weltkrieg nicht ausreichend war. Außerdem konnte die Kanone auch gegen den T-34-85 nichts ausrichten, der zu dieser Zeit von den meisten arabischen Armeen benutzt wurde. Zum Glück für Israel brachte eine internationale Politikentwicklung eine Lösung. Ein Machtwechsel in Ägypten führte zu einer verstärkten West-Feindlichkeit in den arabischen Ländern und als Ergebnis dessen bauten Großbritannien und Frankreich ihre Beziehung zu Israel weiter aus. Besonders Frankreich erklärte sich bereit einige seiner Shermans an Israel zu verkaufen. Diese waren mit einer 76 mm M1A1/A2 Kanone ausgestattet, die 82 mm dicke Panzerungen mit Standardmunition und 116mm dicke Panzerungen in einem Offset von 30° mit Hochges

1:35 WWII US Panzer T26E4 Super Pershing

Art.-Nr.: 300035319

Art.Nr.: 300035319
Artikelbezeichnung: 1:35 WWII US Panzer T26E4 Super Pershing

About the M26 Pershing
Development of what would become the M26 Pershing began in 1942. It was to be a replacement for the M4 Sherman, which was the standard U.S. Army tank at the time, and features such as a lower profile hull and cast turret were incorporated during the development process of the various prototypes. This eventually culminated in the T26E1 prototype armed with the 90mm M3 gun, and from that stemmed the production version which was called the T26E3. The first T26E3s were sent to Europe in January 1944, and as they were deployed to the battlefield, they were re-designated M26. Although over 300 reached the theater before the end of the war, only 20 actually saw combat. In these limited actions, the M26s proved capable of defeating the German Panther and Tiger tanks they were designed to counter.

About the T26E4 "Super Pershing"
Although the standard M26 Pershing's 90mm M3 gun was powerful, it was not on par with the German King Tiger heavy tank's gun. Thus the T15E1 90mm gun, which was larger in caliber and fired a one-piece shell at a higher muzzle velocity, was developed. This gun was fitted onto a modified T26E1 prototype, and featured cylindrical stabilizers mounted on the turret to cope with the longer length of the gun barrel. This was the first "Super Pershing" and it was sent to Europe as well, where it was involved in just a handful of engagements against German tanks. The second "Super Pershing" was created by modifying a T26E3. This was designated T26E4 and was armed with a T15E2 90mm gun that fired a two-piece ammunition and a redesigned gun mount to eliminate the need for the stabilizers. This pre-production T26E4 "Super Pershing" was not sent to Europe. The modifications that were tested on this pre-production T26E4 were incorporated into the actual production-spec T26E4s, of which 25 were built before production was cancel

1:35 WWII Franz. Transport. gep.m.An.(4)

Art.-Nr.: 300035284

Art.Nr.: 300032284 Artikelbezeichnung: 1:35 WWII Franz. Transport. gep.m.An.(4)

Always looking for interesting subjects to add to our world-famous 1/35 scale Military Miniatures lineup, we now proudly announce the release of the unique French Armored Carrier UE. Display it with the B1 bis (ITEM 35282) to create an exhibit of early WWII French AFVs.

About the Armored Carrier UE

Originally developed in the early 1930s, this light armored carrier was capable of towing light artillery and was also designed for use in supplying infantry units at the front lines. Its compact design meant that the heads of the two crew members protruded from the chassis, so distinctive semi-spherical hatches were created to give them a little protection. The initial production of 60 vehicles was soon supplemented by larger orders as France sought to re-equip its army to face the growing threat of Germany. By 1940, approximately 4,800 had been built, including an improved version featuring 4-step gearbox and towing shackles. It was used in the early days of WWII by the French army until its surrender, after which the German army used captured vehicles until the end of the war, modifying some of them into self-propelled guns.

About the Model

•High-quality 1/35 scale assembly kit model of the Armored Carrier UE.
•Headlight and tow hook parts included to depict UE Series 2 and Series 3 variants.
•Fine details such as movable cargo compartment (planned), semi-spherical hatches, and towed trailer all accurately reproduced.
•Full set of accessories, such as 6 wooden crates, 2 fuel drums, 2 each of both large and small canvas bundles, are included for realistic depiction of cargo loads.
•2 crew member torso figures and 2 new French soldier figures with MAS36 rifles in standing poses included for increased diorama possibilities.
•3 different types of markings planned.

1:35 WWII Franz. KPz B1 bis (1)

Art.-Nr.: 300035282

Art.Nr.: 300035282
Artikelbezeichnung: 1:35 WWII Franz. KPz B1 bis (1)

Defender of the Republic
In May 1940, B1 bis tanks stood in the way of German armies determined to strike a crushing against France on her own soil. Introduced as an upgraded version of the original Char B1, which was developed in the nineteen twenties, the B1 bis entered production in 1937. The rivet-joined hull mounted a short-barreled 75mm howitzer, while a small, one-man turret carried a longer-barreled 47mm tank gun. The B1 bis was one of the most heavily armored tanks of its time, with plating that was 60mm thick in places, more than capable of defending against anti-tank fire such as that from 37mm Pak guns. The B1 bis could more than hold its own against individual German tanks, and was greatly feared by enemy soldiers who encountered it.

About the Model
★1/35 scale assembly model of the French B1 bis ★Realistically depicts tank's tall profile, 75mm gun and side armor panels covering suspension mechanisms. ★Hull parts are made using slide molding and feature accurately depicted hex bolts. ★Newly-designed track parts require no cement to assemble and snap together easily by hand. ★Commander's and driver's periscopes are moveable, as is the 75mm main gun. ★Choice of two types of fenders and exhausts, combined with 4 sets of markings allows construction of each possible combination. ★Includes realistic metal tow-chain, and 1 tank commander figure. ★Comes with colorful painting guide and four types of marking decals. ★Reverse side of painting guide features an exciting article about the exploits of B1 bis tanks facing German Panzers

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