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Plastik Modelle

1:24 Mercedes Benz 300SL Flügeltürer

Art.-Nr.: 300024338

Art.Nr.: 300024338
Art.bezeichnung: 1:24 Mercedes Benz 300SL Flügeltürer

Der Mercedes-Benz 300 SL ergänzt als klassischer Sportwagen die TAMIYA Sportwagen-Serie im Maßstab 1:24. Das Originalfahrzeug wurde ursprünglich als Prototyp für das hauseigene Rennteam produziert, um damit an nationalen Rennen und Meisterschaften teilzunehmen. Im Jahre 1954 debütierte ein Serienfahrzeug auf der Internationalen Automobil-Ausstellung in New York.

Trotz seines „Straßenauto-Status" war der 300 SL ein rassiges und elegantes Fahrzeug, das in den Vereinigten Staaten sehr populär war und großen Anklang fand. Er verfügt über einen 3-Liter-Reihen-6-Zylinder Motor - daher auch die „300" in seinem Namen-, eine extrem leichte Karosserie - SL steht für „Sport Leicht" bzw. „Leicht Sport"- und die markanten Flügeltüren. Bis zum Produktionsende im Mai 1957 wurden 1.400 Einheiten produziert.

Der TAMIYA Bausatz spiegelt alle Details wider: den komplexen Gitterrohrrahmen, die markanten Flügeltüren und noch viele weitere – somit steht das Modell dem Original in nichts nach.

- Modell-Bausatz im Maßstab 1:24
- Die zeitlos elegante Form dieses Klassikers ist atemberaubend vom Modell erfasst und umgesetzt. Die Motorhaube und Flügeltüren können geöffnet werden. Die Türen lassen sich in geöffneter Stellung mit einer kleinen Strebe verriegeln.
- Unter der Motorhaube verbergen sich der sehr detaillierte Motor und Motorraum. Die Motorhaube kann auch in geöffneter Stellung arretiert werden.
- Der Komplex Gitterrohrrahmen - einer der Signaturpunkte des Autos - ist detailgetreu reproduziert.
- Zur Detaillierung des vorderen Lufteinlasses befindet sich Nylon-Gitter im Lieferumfang.
- Viele Chromteile z.B. Zierleisten, Stoßstangen und mehr sind im Bausatz enthalten.
- Masking Tape für die Scheiben - sind im Bausatz enthalten.
- Metall-Transfers Dekor sind im Bausatz enthalten (Spiegelflächen, Embleme).

Lieferumfang: Bausatz, Anleitung, Deko

1:24 Ferrari F50

Art.-Nr.: 300024296

Art.Nr.: 300024296
Art.bezeichnung: 1:24 Ferrari F50

During the Geneva, Switzerland Motor Show in March 1995, Ferrari showed their new F50. Packed with Ferrari's latest automotive technology, gleaned from their recent Formula-One racing expertises, the F50 was designed to be a "street-legal racing maching" in the truest sense of the word. This Ferrari's highly rigid center monocoque section was fabricated from hi-tech carbon fiber composites. The engine/gearbox unit is firmly bolted to this monocoque and works as a load-carrying element, just as on their F-1 racing machines. The normally aspirated 4.7 liter V-12 cylinder engine uses five valves per cylinder and yields an amazing 520 horsepower at 8,500rpm. The 6-speed synchromesh gearbox transmits this tremendous power smoothly and efficiently to the rear wheels. The F50's double wishbone suspension system is connected to the electronically controlled shock absorbers via pushrods, to provide optimum road holding performance. The Pininfarina designed body shell was purposely sculptured for excellent aerodynamics, yet retains Ferrari's traditional automotive grace. The chassis underside is completely flat, with upsweep at the rear end that acts as a diffuser. By using a removable roof, made from composite material, the car can be converted into a "Barchetta" (open-top) or "Berlinetta" (coupe). Ferrari's top models have all been destined to become true automotive legends and the F50 will be no exception.


Achtung! Nicht für Kinder unter 14 Jahren geeignet.

1:24 Ferrari FXX 2005 Race

Art.-Nr.: 300024292

Art.Nr.: 300024292
Art.bezeichnung: 1:24 Ferrari FXX 2005 Race

The Ferrari FXX is a special limited edition thoroughbred that was unveiled in 2005. Based on the Enzo Ferrari, the FXX features drastically improved aerodynamics. Its formidable 6262cc V12 engine pumps out over 800 horsepower and is matched with a sequential transmission that allows blindingly fast gear changes of less than 1/100 of a second. The 29 lucky owners of this car have been joined by now retired F1 champion Michael Schumacher, who was presented with one of these super cars by Ferrari.

★1/24 Scale、Length: 202mm、Width: 86mm ★Accurately reproduced form of the FXX body. ★Unique features of the FXX, including 800 horsepower V12 engine and suspension system, are all faithfully replicated. ★Realistic race cockpit with roll cage, bucket seats, fire extinguisher, air jack, and instrument panel. ★Gull wing type doors can be opened and closed even after assembly. ★Central section of the rear wing can be assembled in both the up and down positions. ★Air intake mesh and metal transfer logos included for extra detail. ★Stylish black wheels with red trim mounted with realistic racing slick tires. ★Metal-plated exhaust tips for additional body highlight.

For the Ultimate Level of Realism: 1/24 Ferrari FXX Photo-Etched Parts Set
For those who want to kick up the realism another notch, Tamiya provides this set of precision-made photo-etched parts. Contains parts of front air intake mesh, side air intake mesh, rear air outlet mesh, tow hook, and catch pins. Also includes photo-etched brake discs, seat belts, and nameplate for an ultra-realistic display.


Achtung! Nicht für Kinder unter 14 Jahren geeignet.

1:24 Honda S2000

Art.-Nr.: 300024245

Art.Nr.: 300024245
Artikelbezeichnung: 1:24 Honda S2000

Honda's first passenger production car, the S500 open two seater sportscar, was first announced in the 1962 Tokyo Motor Show, going on sale the following year. After the production termination of its successor, the S800, Honda moved away from producing front-engine/rear-wheel drive sports cars. September of 1998 saw the sensational rebirth of this type, with the announcement of the S2000. This open two seater features the traditional sports car look with a puposeful long nose/short deck styling. Futuristic headlights wrap around the side, appearing to be pulled back, poised for speed. The naturally aspirated 2.0 liter inline-4 DOHC-VTEC powerplant pumps out over 250hp, yet still manages to reduce toxic exhaust emissions to 1/10th the level of its predecessors. The positioning of the engine is also ideal, sitting just behind the front wheel axle in interest of 50/50 weight distribution. The sturdy body and superior road handling, meshed with a four-wheel double wishbone suspension and a newly developed 6-speed manual transmission, offer high tractability and synthesis between car and driver. The inside of the cabin features bucket seats, state of the art digital indicators, and a red button for starting the engine. Of course, the impact safe design, air bag, and all the other safety features of modern sports cars have also been thoroughly considered. Developed in celebration of Honda's 50th anniversary, the S2000 will surely take it place as the 2000cc sports car to beat in the 21st century.

1:24 Calsonic Skyline GT-R (R34)

Art.-Nr.: 300024219

Art.Nr.: 300024219
Art.bezeichnung: 1:24 Calsonic Skyline GT-R (R34)

The unrivaled Nissan Skyline GT-R of the 1970's Japanese touring car races valiantly returned to the race circuit in 1990. Equipped with 2.6l, inline 6-cylinder twin turbo engines, two R32 Skyline GT-R's brilliantly triumphed in all six races. Particularly impressive was the bright blue Calsonic Skyline, which achieved five of the six victories to take the series championship.
In 1993, the Calsonic Skyline was converted into a GT machine and brought out for the All Japan GT Championships, where it took top honors for three years running. From the middle of the 1995 season, the R33 version of the Skyline GT-R was brought out. The R33 was based on the 4WD production car, but was instead equipped with rear wheel drive. For the 1999 All Japan GT Championships, Nissan brought out a new machine, the R34. Compared to its predecessor, the R33, the R34 was constructed more compactly, with a narrow wheelbase. It was developed to take advantage of the reinforced chassis used on the production model brought out in January of that year. Except for the roof, the body was completely remade in carbon fiber and equipped with a large, curved wing on the rear- just one example of its aerodynamic and stylish form.
Undergoing constant improvements since 1990, the inline, 6-cylinder DOHC twin turbo engine of the R34 is maximized with a 6-speed sequential transmission and rear wheel drive. The latest incarnation of the Skyline GT-R, the R34, promises to add more GT Championship Titles to Nissan's illustrious racing history.

1:24 Toyota Celica Straßenversion

Art.-Nr.: 300024215

Art.Nr.: 300024215
Artikelbezeichnung: 1:24 Toyota Celica Straßenversion

First announced at the Detroit Auto Show as the "Toyota XYR", this 7th inception of the Celica debuted on Sept. 20, 1999 showing outstanding form. Targeted specifically at the younger drivers, it features a streamlined unison of power and style. MacPherson struts make up the front suspension and a new double wishbone suspension makes up the rear, which in addition to heightening stability, gives rise to sharp handling for a throughly exciting driving experience. Toyota's commitment to individualism and high performance has once again paid off with their latest version of the Celica sports specialty car.

About the model:

This is the 1/24 scale assembly model kit based on the 7th incarnation of the Toyota Celica.
Overall length: 182mm, overall width: 81mm.
Stylish form has been authentically recreated.
Door trim and inner panels ahve been finished in smooth foam. "Cross-over cockpit" features separately molded inner door piece recreated in stunning detail. Steering wheel can be assembled on either right or left side.
Front struts, rear double wishbone suspension, exhaust pipe, and chassis under-surface all overflow with authenticity. Below the front undercover, the bottom of the engine and transmission can also been seen.
Wheels and headlights have been prepared as metal plated parts.
Nylon mesh for the openings in the front bumper also included.
"Toyota" mark on the front has also been reproduced as metal transfer.

1:24 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo.V WRC

Art.-Nr.: 300024203

1:6 Honda Gorilla Spring Collection

Art.-Nr.: 300016031

Art.Nr.: 300016031
Artikelbezeichnung: 1:6 Honda Gorilla Spring Collection

About the Honda Gorilla Spring Collection
In 1967, Honda Pioneered the field of "leisure motorcycles" with the release of the Monkey. The uniqueness of the Monkey made it an instant hit among the young and young at heart. In August 1978, Honda released the big brother of the Monkey and appropriately named it "Gorilla". Save the gas tank and seat, the Gorilla adopted fundamentally the same parts as the Monkey. The most defining aspect of the Gorilla is its swelled chest, an oversized gas tank, which boasts a capacity of 9 liters providing a 630km maximum running distance. Its powerplant was a 49cc air-cooled single cylinder SOHC engine, which was also used on Honda's best selling Super Cub. The Gorilla was also equipped with a manual 4-speed transmission, opposed to the automatic 3-speed system of the Monkey. Production was ceased in 1992 but the popularity of the machine, however did not dwindle, with the few remaining used Gorillas fetching premium prices. It was in February 1998 when Honda resumed production, this time bringing out a new Gorilla equipped with the Monkey's large headlamp and using chrome parts on the headlight casing, fender and other places. January 1999 saw the production of 3500 "Honda Gorilla Spring Collection" machines. This version was meant to shine, and features chrome parts on virtually every visible part of the bike. The gas tank, the side-cover, the front forks, the chain case, the wheels, the exhaust pipe cover, even the frame and swing arm glisten with gorgeous chrome.

About the Model
★1/6 scale plastic assembly kit. Overall length: 226mm, width: 104mm, height: 183mm, ★Every characteristic of the 1998 version of the Honda Gorilla such as the larger headlamp, front fork, tank cap and emblems applied on the tank have been accurately replicated. ★Chrome-plated areas of the actual machine have been reproduced with metal-plated pa


Achtung! Nicht für Kinder unter 14 Jahren geeignet.

1:12 Ducati 888 Superbike ´93

Art.-Nr.: 300014063

Art.Nr.: 300014063
Artikelbezeichnung: 1:12 Ducati 888 Superbike ´93

About the Ducati 888 Superbike Racer

On the 26th of September 1993, a young and inspiring motorcycle racer named Tetsuya Harada was adding the final touches to his machine at the Jarama racing circuit, just prior tot he last round of the season. This would make him the first Japanese World Champion since 1977. His closest rival, Loris Capirossi, was ahead in point standings going into this last race, but bad luck plagued him during the dynamic battle for the 250cc GP2 title. Although this was Harada's debut season for the World Grand Prix, he had been working closely with Yamaha for the last couple of seasons, perfecting the works TZM bike, which allowed him to win the 1992 All Japan Championship title. The 1993 Yamaha TZ250M used a 249cc liquid cooled V-twin cylinder engine capable of 94 horsepower. Its crankcase reed valve induction system was combined with an electronically controlled exhaust valve system. The highly sophisticated six-speed gear box used an electronic cut-out gear changing system that eliminated clutch operation and minimized racing stresses. This awesome powerplant was mounted on Yamaha's exceptionally rigid twin-spar box-section aluminum frame that was capable of head angle adjustments. The rear suspension was also of box-sectioned aluminum to withstand the enormous power and traction. The bike rides on Marchesini cast magnesium wheels matched to Dunlop radial tires. The superb stopping power was achieved by front Brembo and rear Nissin Brake systems.

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