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Art.Nr.: 300037027 Art.bezeichnung: 1:48 Zgm. SS-100 m. 88mm Flak37 Set

The SS-100 was a heavy tractor used by German forces from the mid-1930s, originally a commercial design but also effective in military service throughout WWII thanks to an ability to haul up to 20 tons. Among a wealth of candidates, one of its passengers really stands out - the mighty 88mm gun, which was used against Allied forces with devastating effect. The Flak37 was a powerful 1937 variant, with sights updated from predecessors, and a large shield added from 1940.

About the Model

★This is a 1/48 scale plastic model assembly kit set. SS-100 length: 114mm; 88m gun length (towed): 169mm.
★The sturdy SS-100 form is recreated with aplomb.
★Integrated cabin parts make for a fuss-free, accurate assembly.
★The complex Flak37 88mm gun is captured with realism.
★Transport wagon is also depicted.
★Comes with five figures and three marking options. *88mm gun parts are a product of Italeri.


Achtung! Nicht für Kinder unter 14 Jahren geeignet.

1:48 Zgm. SS-100 m. 88mm Flak37 Set

  • Artikelnummer: 300037027
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