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Art.Nr.: 300054546
Artikelbezeichnung: C-Halter 6° verst./Aufh. drehbar #53928

Tamiya’s TB-03, TB-04, TA-05 version II, TA-06, TRF416 and TRF417 chassis platforms all use the "short-reversible" suspension system developed by Tamiya for its mid-range and high end touring car platforms. This suspension system set up has proved to be robust in handling all the different driving and racing conditions these cars meet. The included front hub carrier in this set up has always given the user 4 degrees of caster. This new hub carrier is made of carbon reinforced plastic and sports 6 degrees of caster which will allow the car to achieve greater cornering performance and increased stability.

• Created using a newly-designed mold. The design of the part prevents it coming into contact with double-cardan drive shafts when they are used as a Hop-Up-Option.
• Can be attached directly to Item 53928 Short Reversible Suspension Arm set.
• Compared with regular hub carriers, the 6˚ angle is well-suited to large circuits with high-speed corners.

C-Halter 6° verst./Aufh. drehbar #53928

  • Artikelnummer: 300054546
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