Art.Nr.: 300054614
Artikelbezeichnung: M-05VII L-Teile Querlenker Carb. Verst.

These are suspension arms for the Tamiya M-chassis M-05 Version II. They are made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic. The stock suspension arms are made of fiberglass reinforced plastic. Compared to the stock arms, carbon reinforced plastic offers greater rigidity. Under high grip conditions higher rigidity suspension arms will improve handling as well as provide crisp steering response.

•Carbon fiber-reinforced nylon parts offer greater rigidity and better handling than glass fiber-reinforced parts included in Item 58593.
•When used with Item 54605 M-05 Ver.II A Part (Chassis), they allow simple adjustment of rebound stroke via the screw on the arm itself.
•Compatible with M-05 Ver.II PRO, M-05* and M-06* chassis cars.
•*M-05 and M-06 chassis require parts modification.
•Requires dampers that are attached to chassis via ball connectors.

M-05VII L-Teile Querlenker Carb. Verst.

  • Artikelnummer: 300054614
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