Art.Nr.: 300054968
Art.bezeichnung: M-08 Alu Motorbrücke/Chassisverb.

Upgrade your M-08 Concept RWD chassis with the addition of this aluminum motor bridge, which promises a firmer rear, and also lets you mount a cooling fan.

Item Contents/Information
• M-08 Aluminum Motor Bridge x1
• This aluminum component replaces the kit-standard plastic K3 part that connects the gearbox to the battery pack position.
• Features the iconic Tamiya blue anodized finish.
• Has holes to mount fans such as separately sold Item 45063 TFU-01 ESC Cooling Fan Unit.
• Compatible with M-08 Concept chassis cars.

M-08 Alu Motorbrücke/Chassisverb.

  • Artikelnummer: 300054968
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