Art.Nr.: 300054928
Art.bezeichnung: SW-01 AW-Kreuzverbinder(4) Metall

Give your SW-01 chassis universal shafts a further boost with these metal alternatives to the kit plastic parts, for the ability to withstand plenty of rough-and-tumble action.

Item Contents/Information
• SW-01 Metal Cross Joints x4
• These components can be used in place of kit-standard C8 parts. They are crafted in durable brass and give great durability in conjunction with kit-standard metal BA10 dog-bone shafts.
• Compatible with SW-01 chassis models.
• Always use these components when fitting the chassis with Item 54919 Type 370 Torque-Tuned Motor.

SW-01 AW-Kreuzverbinder(4) Metall

  • Artikelnummer: 300054928
  • Altersempfehlung: ab 14 Jahre
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