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Art.Nr.: 300054923 Art.bezeichnung: TB-05 Alu Lenkungsset Ackermann einst.

Fine-tuning your Ackerman steering angles can make all the difference to your chassis handling, and that is exactly what you can do with this new adjustable set for the TB-05 PRO chassis. The mainly aluminum components allow three different Ackerman settings to experiment with.

Set Contents/Information

• The aluminum steering arms and bridge in this set can
   be used to replace kit-standard plastic steering linkage parts.
• 3 Ackerman settings are available: kit-standard / intermediate /
   aggressive. These are achieved by interchanging the three
   included bearing holder components, which have holes of
   different offsets.
• The aggressive setup is roughly equivalent to that of the
   TA07 PRO chassis, with superior initial steering response.
• Aluminum parts have the iconic Tamiya blue anodized finish.
• Compatible with TB-05 PRO chassis cars.


Achtung! Nicht für Kinder unter 14 Jahren geeignet.

TB-05 Alu Lenkungsset Ackermann einst.

  • Artikelnummer: 300054923
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