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Art.Nr.: 300054806 Art.bezeichnung: TB-05 Freilauf-Set 40Z / Frontmotor

This is a Front One-Way unit designed to be used with the front motor layout set-up of the TB-05 chassis. Advantages: This option part will provide more corner speed to the model but will also make it more difficult to brake in a straight line. It’s best to use this unit on race courses that are flowing and do not have corners where heavy braking is needed. It is also recommended for use with low power motor applications.

• Front One-Way Set (40T) x1 • Installing a one-way unit in the front means that front wheels are not braked. It provides sharper acceleration and improved cornering. • Black anodized finish. • Includes 2mm pins and O-rings which can be used to provide a direct differential unit set-up. Compatible with TB-05 PRO chassis using Front Motor Layout.

TB-05 Freilauf-Set 40Z / Frontmotor

  • Artikelnummer: 300054806
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