Art.Nr.: 300047415 Art.bezeichnung: WR-02CB S-Teile Ora.-Chr. Felgenein. (4)

These are color variations of the spoke sections from the stylish 2-part wheels used on the Comical Grasshopper (Item 58662) and Comical Hornet (Item 58666)! Pair them with the colored rim components (T Parts) in the Comical Buggy models, or the separately available Hop-Up Option and limited edition part products, for a stylish and unique look.

Item Contents/Information

• WR-02CB S Parts (Orange Plated) x1
• Use with WR-02CB T Parts (Wheel Rims) and
  ribbed (front) or round block (rear) bubble tires.


Achtung! Nicht für Kinder unter 14 Jahren geeignet.

WR-02CB S-Teile Ora.-Chr. Felgenein. (4)

  • Artikelnummer: 300047415
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