Art.Nr.: 300054514
Artikelbezeichnung: XV-01/T Stabilisator-Set vo/hi. (2)

These are front and rear sway bar stabilizers designed to be used on the Tamiya XV-01 cross platform chassis. By adding these bars you are able to control the handling characteristics of the car.

• Stabilizer Wires: f1.1mm, f1.2mm & f1.3mm x2 each
• 5mm Adjusters x4, 4mm Adjusters x4
• 3x12mm Screws x4, Grub Screws x4
• Stabilizer Ends (Blue) x4
• Compatible with XV-01 & XV-01T chassis.
• Please note that this set is not compatible with XV-01 TC chassis models.

XV-01/T Stabilisator-Set vo/hi. (2)

  • Artikelnummer: 300054514
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