Article number: 300010327
Product: HG Airb. Nozzle 0.3mm 74510/532/537/540

This component, which was previously only available as an 8-digit spare part, is now to be released in our AO series of parts. Change parts when they show wear and tear to maintain high levels of performance.

Item Contents/Information
• HG Airbrush Nozzle (0.3mm) x1
• 0.3mm nozzle is capable of marking very fine lines.
• Compatible with Items 74510, 74532, 74537 and 74540.

HG Airb. Nozzle 0.3mm 74510/532/537/540

  • Article number: 300010327
  • Age recommendation: from 14 years
Is factory-supplied
Subject to prior sale, availability are provided on a daily basis and non-binding.
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