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Article number: 300054888 Product: M-08 Concept Titanium ScrewSet

This titanium screw set for the newly-announced M-08 Concept chassis contains 72 screws of different types, which are in total roughly 20g lighter than kit-standard equivalents. Hex heads enable even more secure tightening.

Set Contents/Information

• 3x6mm Titanium Hex Screws x4
• 3x6mm Titanium Countersunk Hex Screw x1
• 3x8mm Titanium Hex Screws x27
• 3x8mm Titanium Countersunk Hex Screws x14
• 3x10mm Titanium Hex Screws x13
• 3x10mm Titanium Countersunk Hex Screws x4
• 3x15mm Titanium Hex Screws x4
• 3x20mm Titanium Hex Screws x3
• 3x23mm Titanium Hex Screws x2
• Compatible with Item 58669 M-08 Concept Chassis Kit.


Warning! Not suitable for children under 14 years.

M-08 Concept Titanium ScrewSet

  • Article number: 300054888
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