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Article number: 300054699
Product: Rigid Sep Sus Mt 05F

These option parts give a roll center of 4.5mm, which is 0.5mm lower than that provided by 1XB-1C counterparts (Items 54618 - 54620). They also adjust pitch, and give rigid attachment for great stability.
Four types are available. In descending order of width: 05G > 05F > 05E > 05D
Each item contains 1 pair of A and B mounts.
Made from lightweight and durable aluminum.
Intended mainly for use in the front suspension.
Setting spacers (Item 54617) RC Rigid Suspension Mount Spacer .5mm are also available as option parts.
Compatible with TRF419 and TRF419X chassis cars.

Rigid Sep Sus Mt 05F

  • Article number: 300054699
Is factory-supplied
Subject to prior sale, availability are provided on a daily basis and non-binding.
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