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Article number: 300054579
Product: Ball Bearing Set 1150 (16)

When tuning up your R/C car, ball bearings are a great first step, reducing power loss in the drivetrain and increasing the longevity of axle joints when using them to replace plastic bearings. The contents of this set can be used to replace the plastic bushings in many of Tamiya’s entry level kits, including the new entry level 2WD buggy DT-03.

Contains 1150 Ball Bearings x16
Compatible with DT-03, DT-02 chassis (require 14 ball bearings), and WR-02, WR- 02G, WT-01 chassis (require 16).

TAMIYA Ball Bearing Set 1150 (16)

  • Article number: 300054579
Is factory-supplied
Subject to prior sale, availability are provided on a daily basis and non-binding.
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