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Article number: 300054075
Product: TB-03 F.C.Ball Head KingPin

The surface of the Ball Head King Pin has been coated with fluorine which provides an excellent smooth action with the ball connector, adjuster, flange pipe, and resin parts. Can be used with TB-03, TA05 IFS-R, TRF416, TB Evo 5MS chassis.

Item Contents
•5x9mm Ball connector (Metal plated)
•4.5x3.5mm Flange pipe (Metal plated)
•TB Evolution IV Flange pipe (Fluorine coated)
•TRF414X 3x0.7mm Spacer
•3x10mm Hex screw (Nickel plated) Strengthened

TB-03 F.C.Ball Head KingPin

TB-03 F.C.Ball Head KingPin

  • Article number: 300054075
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