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Article number: 300042307 Product: TRF419X UpArm Spacers 0.5, 0.8

This handy set of spacers features two different thicknesses. They are for use on the TRF419X on-road racing chassis. Use them in place of, or together with the included BA23 parts from the TRF419X chassis kit to alter upper arm turnbuckle length.

Altering the length of the upper turnbuckle affects the cornering characteristics of your machine. The longer the length the less camber gain your car will have while cornering, resulting in a lazier handling and more stable machine. The opposite is true when shortening the length. The shorter length results in more camber gain as the car enters a turn. The effect is a chassis that has more cornering capacity, but could also be less stable.

Item Contents •0.5mm thickness Upper Arm Spacer x2 •0.8mm thickness Upper Arm Spacer x2 •Using thicker spacers and combinations allows for shorter upper arms, and boosts suspension "camber gain". •Provides more secure attachment than standard circular spacers. •Compatible with TRF419X chassis cars only.

TRF419X UpArm Spacers 0.5, 0.8

  • Article number: 300042307
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