Article number: 300051637
Product: TRF420 3x25/22 SusShaft (2+2)

These are spare suspension shafts that are used in the TRF420, Tamiya’s state-of-the-art 4WD touring car race chassis. They are for use with the new TRF420 design suspension arms.

• 3x25mm Suspension Shafts x2
• 3x22mm Suspension Shafts x2
• Stainless steel material.
• At 3mm in diameter, they are thicker than 2.6mm parts on previous chassis for a sturdier suspension setup.
• Previous shafts had a cutaway flat section to fasten the grub screw on; these have a continuous groove to make it easier to fasten.
• Compatible with cars using Item 51639 TRF420 D Parts (Suspension Arms).

TRF420 3x25/22 SusShaft (2+2)

  • Article number: 300051637
  • Age recommendation: from 14 years
Is not available from the factory
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