Article number: 300035333
Product: 1:35 Brit. Paratroop w/ Parabike

Get on Your Bike!
★This 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit combines two folding bicycles used by British Army forces during WWII, with two realistic figures. ★The bicycles are accurately recreated down to details such as spokes and saddle, while the handlebar and pedals are depicted faithfully using separate parts. ★Bicycles can also be assembled in folded form, and used as accessories in vehicle models or dioramas. ★Each detailed figure has a choice of 2 head and arm types. ★A complement of accessories such as haversack, water canister, pouch, Enfield rifles and more is included. ★The kit can be used independently to create a small-scale diorama.

British Army Bicycles
While bicycles were used on all sides during WWII, British Army paratroopers were supplied with a unique lightweight version that could be folded along a pair of hinges in the frame center and carried.

The figures can be portrayed with maroon beret or compact paratrooper issue helmet, and are depicted in a camouflaged smock.

1:35 Brit. Paratroop w/ Parabike

  • Article number: 300035333
  • Age recommendation: from 14 years
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