Article number: 300035314 Product: 1/35 WWII Fig.-Set German Africa Corps Infantry

The Elite in North African Desert

This set contains 5 figures depicting infantrymen from Field Marshal Rommel's vaunted Africa Coprs, including an officer, an NCO, a rifleman in firing position, a machine gunner, and a loader. Each can be assembled in a realistic pose and all feature superb details such as open-collared jackets, goggles, and long canvas boots. Further enhance the models' realism with Item 12641 1/35 WWII German Military Insignia Decal Set (Africa Corps/Waffen SS).

About the Uniform  

The Africa Corps uniform was basically the same as the one for Europe, but featured open collars and a specific armband on the right sleeve. The Olive Green cotton shirt and trousers faded into various shades in the desert sun. Leather was not suited for the dry conditions, so canvas belts and boots were worn. This uniform was easy to produce and influenced the design of European Theater uniforms from mid-WWII onwards.

1:35 Fig.-Set Ger. Africa Corps Infant.

  • Article number: 300035314
  • Age recommendation: from 14 years
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