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1:350 Jap. Yukikaze Destroyer

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Product: 1:350 Japanese Destroyer Yukikaze

January 20 1940 saw the completion of construction of the Japanese Kagero class destroyer. Along with her sister ships Hatsukaze, Amatukaze, and Tokitukaze, she became part of the 16th destroyer division under the command of the light cruiser Jintsu. At the beginning of WWII, the 16th destroyer division was part of the force which captured the Philippines, and on December 5 1941, she took part in the fierce fighting with American forces near Palau and supported the invading forces at Legazpi. After wards, she saw action throughout the Pacific Ocean at the Dutch East Indies, Midway, Guadalcanal, and the Solomon Islands. The Yukikaze also participated in the withdrawal of Guadalcanal,also participated in sea battles at the Marianas and the Leyte Gulf. Throughout WWII, the Yukikaze took part in numerous naval battles, escort duties, and supply runs, and always returned safely from each sortie. She was among the few Japanese warships and the onl yone of her class still operational at the end of the war, and can be called the "lucky destroyer." As part of the post-war reparation agreement, the Yukikaze was transferred to the Republic of China, and in 1966 she became a reserve training ship.

This is a 1/350 full display model.
Model depicts the Yukikaze as she appeared during the 1945 Ten Ichi Go operation (Battle for Okinawa).
Parts included to build a waterline model or a display model with full hull.
It is possible to rotate the guns and torpedoes after assembling thanks to polycaps.
ABS has been used for the masts to ensure strength.
Photo-etched parts are prepared for the ladders, radio antennas etc.
Metal chains.
Display stand included.
Assembled model can be displayed in the package.

Yukikaze 1/350

1:700 WL US Nav.Destroyer DD-797 Cushing

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Product: 1:700 US DD-797 Cushing Zerstörer WL

During the Second World War, the US Navy built a total of 175 units of the 2,000-ton Fletcher-class destroyers. The USS Cushing (DD-797) was not completed until 1944, but still took part in numerous important naval operations, such as the Battle of Leyte Gulf. Due to its late completion, the USS Cushing had some improvements compared to its sister ships: for example, reinforced anti-aircraft armament and the characteristic square bridge, which offered greater visibility. In addition to five 12.7 cm guns and a five-way 533-mm torpedo launcher, the destroyer was armed with five 40-mm (AA) twin anti-aircraft guns and seven 20-mm (AA) anti-aircraft guns. When the Japanese surrendered on September 2, 1945, the Cushing was anchored together with the battleship USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay. The TAMIYA model on a scale of 1:700 is characterized by high levels of detail and faithfulness to the original. The kit includes a decal sheet with ship numbers and the US flag.

Warning notices:
Read carefully and fully understand the instructions before commencing assembly. A supervising adult should also read the instructions if a child assembles the model.
When assembling this kit, tools including knives are used. Extra care should be taken to avoid personal injury.
Read and follow the instructions supplied with paints and/or cement, if used (not included in kit).
Keep out of reach of small children. Children must not be allowed to put any parts in their mouths, or pull vinyl bags over their heads.

DD445 Fletcher

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