Article number: 300031342
Product: 1:700 Jap. Mikuma Heavy Cruiser WL

About the Model

- Japanese Heavy Cruiser Mikuma plastic assembly kit.
1/700 scale, Overall length: 286.5mm, Overall width: 36.5mm.
The graceful form of the Mogami class cruiser has been accurately replicated.
- The hull has been divided in two halves in order to reproduce the finest details.
- Mikuma's characteristic structures such as rear mast and main structure that distinguished it from the Mogami have been reproduced.
- The main turrets can rotate after completion via polycap.
- Equipment such as armament including 12.7cm gun turrets or triple tube torpedo launchers, main mast, aircraft crane and catapults are sharply reproduced


1:700 Jap. Mikuma Heavy Cruiser WL

  • Article number: 300031342
  • Age recommendation: from 14 years
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