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RC Models - New

M-07R Chassis Kit

SKU: 300084436

Article number: 300084436 Product: M-07R Chassis Kit

This R/C FWD chassis kit takes the revolutionary M-07 Concept and pairs it with a range of option parts, selected by the Tamiya Racing Factory (TRF) team for a racing setup. This is a great value-for money option for those who want to get straight into racing, or achieve a race-spec car without having to select Hop-Up Option and Spare parts themselves.

Featured Components

- M-07 Concept High-Traction Lower Deck (54812)
- TRF Special Damper (Hard Black Coating) (42102)
- M-07 Concept Reinforced C Parts (Uprights) 2pcs. (54810)
- M-07 Concept Reinforced D Parts (Suspension Arms) 2pcs. (54811)
- 33mm Double Cardan Joint Shaft (2pcs.) (42312)
- Clamp Type Aluminum Wheel Hub (5mm Thick) (53823)
- Rear Stabilizer
- Aluminum Cup Joint for TA06 Gear Differential Unit (2pcs.) (54532)
- Hard Fluorine Coated 0.6 Aluminum Pinion Gear (20T) (53509)
- φ2.6mm Titanium Coated Suspension Shaft Set for Reversible Suspension (53917)
- 46mm Titanium Coated Suspension Shafts 2pcs. (53851)
- 3x106mm Aluminum Turnbuckle Shaft (54756)

About the Model

- This is a 1/10 scale R/C chassis assembly kit. Length: 332mm.
- Includes dedicated carbon fiber battery holders developed for this product.
- The chassis has superb rigidity thanks to reinforced upright and suspension components, as well as a hightraction lower deck.
- A highly efficient drivetrain employs 33mm double cardan joint shafts and aluminum joint cups, plus a durable fluorine coated aluminum 20T pinion gear.
- Highly agile suspension utilizes TRF Special Dampers, rear stabilizer and titanium coated suspension shafts.
- Also included are aluminum hex hubs and 3x106mm turnbuckle shaft.


Warning! Not suitable for children under 14 years.

DT-03 Black Edition & RF Body

SKU: 300084435

Article number: 300084435 Product: DT-03 Black Edition & RF Body

The DT-03 chassis has proven a wildly popular entry chassis, easy to assemble and very intuitive to drive; now, it is being released as a slightly souped up Black Edition, with color-coordinated parts, 6 total Hop-Up Option and Spare Parts, and 4 types of metal component! The result is a great-looking, speedy yet affordable buggy that will be fun off-road and on.

Included Hop-Up Option and Spare Parts

Hi-Torque Servo Saver (Black) (51000)
RS-540 Torque-Tuned Motor (54358)
DT-03 Lightweight Gear Shaft (5x45mm/2pcs.) (54560)
DT-03 CVA Damper Set (54567)
DT-03 Full Turnbuckle Set (54572)
4mm Flange Lock Nut (Black, 8pcs.) (54642)

About the Model

• This is a 1/10 scale R/C model assembly kit.
• The DT-03 chassis is based around a lightweight, yet durable monocoque with longitudinal battery position.
• Included Hop-Up Options and Spare Parts upgrade power (torque-tuned motor), handling (CVA oil dampers), and efficiency (full ball bearings). They also lighten the chassis (hollow gear shaft) and allow easy adjustment (turnbuckle shafts).
• Wheel axles, drive shafts and diff joints are all metal for superb durability and efficiency.
• 19T pinion gear is included (previous kits used 17T).
• Comes with the sporty Racing Fighter body and marking stickers.
• Long 287mm wheelbase and 4-wheel double wishbone suspension with CVA oil dampers give great handling, even on poor surfaces. Turnbuckle upper arms allow simple adjustment of camber.
• Ribbed front and square spike rear tires provide ample grip, and the rear gearbox is sealed to protect from dust and dirt, with a built-in differential for smooth cornering.
• Plenty more option parts are also available to further tune up the chassis.


Warning! Not suitable for children under 14 years.

FH16 Timber Truck

SKU: 300056360

Article number: 300056360 Product: FH16 Timber Truck

The stable of Tamiya 1/14 scale R/C trucks welcomes a new type in this assembly kit model of a timber truck with long rear bed featuring distinctive frame and stakes for carrying logs. The model depicts the Volvo FH16 Globetrotter, a 750hp 16.1-liter turbocharged engine powered truck from the Swedish company’s flagship FH Series that underwent a full model change in 2012.

About the Model

• This is a 1/14 scale R/C tractor truck model assembly kit. Length: 733mm, width: 194mm, height: 306mm.
• The highly accurate body captures the FH16 Globetrotter form, with stainless steel photo-etched front grille, and cab interior details.
• Depictions of stakes (these are fixed to the model for safety purposes) and cab rear headboard use a durable combination of resin and metal.
• Assembly type 3-speed transmission allows gear changes via separately available 4-channel transmitter.
• Ladder frame features aluminum side channels with resin cross members.
• Power from the front-mounted motor is delivered to rear axles via propeller shaft. A built-in differential gear on each axle enables smooth cornering.
• Highly-realistic suspension utilizes metal leaf springs and friction dampers. The model enjoys easy driving thanks to the float-mounted die-cast front and reinforced resin rear axles.
• TR Mighty Tuned motor (35T) provides plenty of power, even when driving with loads.
• Printable templates for the creation of paper craft logs (for display only, not recommended for use when the model is driven) will be provided to agents, and available for download from
• LED cables in Multi-Function Control (MFC) units are not compatible with this model. Customers will need to purchase separately available longer-cabled LEDs (Items 56549-56551) if using MFCs.
• Compatible option parts (TROP) include Items 56523, 56531, 56532, 56538 and 56548.


Warning! Not suitable for children under 14 years.

Arocs 3363 (Light Gun Metal)

SKU: 300056359

Article number: 300056359 Product: Arocs 3363 (Light Gun Metal)

This is a special edition of the R/C Mercedes Benz Arocs (Item 56352), the super-stylish 3-axle truck with distinctive bucket tooth grille. It is a great option for those without the time or confidence to apply a paint job to their kit, as the cab, H, K, and M parts of the kit are pre-painted in Light Gun Metal (Tamiya Color TS-42), and given a urethane coating for a beautiful finish, and protection from damage.

About the Model

• This is a 1/14 scale R/C model assembly kit. Length: 529mm, width: 190mm, height: 267mm. The narrow body of the ClassicSpace variant Arocs 3363 is recreated accurately, complete with the distinctive "buckettooth" grille and headlight guards. Cab, H, K, and M parts are molded in gray, pre-painted in Light Gun Metal (TS-42), with a urethane top coat for a stunning finish. Photo- etched parts recreate cab rear platform.
• Interior features such as seat and dashboard are depicted.
• 3-axle chassis utilizes ladder frame with aluminum side channels and resin cross members. Realistic drivetrain has a front mounted motor powering twin rear axles.
• 3-speed transmission can be controlled via 4ch R/C transmitter.
• Highly realistic suspension employs metal leaf spring dampers and friction dampers.
• Coupler is included to enable connection with any currently available Tamiya 1/14 scale trailer.
• Compatible with tractor truck option parts (TROP) such as Items 56531, 56532, 56536 and 56538. Use with Multi-Function Control Unit MFC-03 (Item 56523) (or MFC-01, Item 56511) for realistic lights and sounds.


Warning! Not suitable for children under 14 years.

R/C M551 Sheridan w/Option Kit

SKU: 300056043

Article number: 300056043 Product: R/C M551 Sheridan w/Option Kit

Tamiya is delighted to announce another new addition to our ever-expanding series of super-realistic 1/16 scale R/C armor, in the shape of the rather unique M551 Sheridan. The M551 was designed as airdrop capable armor with wading capabilities, a key concept as the U.S. took on the role of global policeman post-WWII. With an aluminum hull and rolled steel turret, it weighed just 15 tons, but had impressive firepower in the shape of the M81 152mm gun/launcher, which could fire standard rounds and MGM-51 Shillelagh missiles. The M551 was in service with active units from 1968 to 1996, and saw action in the jungles of Vietnam.

About the Model

- This is a 1/16 scale R/C model assembly kit.
  Length: 408mm, width: 177mm, height: 186mm.
- The form of the lightweight M551 and its powerful M81 gun is
  captured with aplomb.
- Die cast components for suspension arms, sprocket wheels,
  idler arms and more; excellent durability.
- Utilizes an aluminum gun barrel for superb accuracy.
- Offers a full range of movement: forward and reverse, a variety
  of turns, turret rotation and gun elevation. Suspension features a
  coil spring for each of the 10 suspension arms, giving the model
  excellent mobility.
- Firing of the main gun is accompanied by an LED flash,
  realistic recoil, and vehicle kickback. Machine gun also produces
  LED flashes when fired.
- Authentic engine and firing sounds were recorded from a full-size
  vehicle and are coordinated with model actions. A large speaker in
  the model ensures rich sounds.
- Turret upper section is secured by magnets, allowing hassle-free
  access to the electronics within.
- A plethora of lights are recreated, including the turret front
  searchlight. They can be operated via transmitter.
- Assembled link type tracks have elastomer recreations of the rubber
  pads for an authentic look. Multi-Function Unit Battery & Charger
  Transmitter Motors


Warning! Not suitable for children under 14 years.

P34 1977 Monaco Special Edn PB

SKU: 300047392

Article number: 300047392 Product: P34 1977 Monaco Special Edn PB

Tamiya is delighted to announce the re-issue of this classic body, this time with a souped up chassis and slightly updated markings! The model was last released as Item 84263 back in 2012. It depicts the unique 6-wheeled Tyrrell P34 which was raced at the 1977 Monaco GP, and had different rear wing and engine covers to the car which raced at the Japan GP. The model runs on the same specially hopped-up F103 6-wheel chassis which was previously used on Item 47359.

Hop-Up Option Parts included

- Friction Damper Grease (53176)
- TRF Special Damper (53901)
- Low-Friction Pads (54138)
- Carbon Reinforced F Uprights (54154)
- Torque-Tuned Motor (54358)
- Hi-Torque Servo Saver
- Sponge Tires

About the Model

- This is a 1/10 scale R/C assembly kit. Length: 430mm, width: 204mm - Features an accurate multi-piece polycarbonate body. Body, driver torso, mirror sections, rear wing, oil cooler and other aero parts come pre-painted for a simpler assembly process.
- Body cockpit and rear sections are pre-cut. - A specially-modified version of the F103 is used, which provides 6-wheeled driving fun! The half double deck frame utilize 1.5mm thick upper and 2.5mm thick lower FRP plates.
- Kingpin coil spring 4-wheel independent front suspension uses one-piece lower arm and separate left/right upper arms. The front 4 wheels are steerable, just as on the real racing car.
- The rear suspension features an FRP T-bar with TRF damper and low friction pads.
- Efficient direct-drive setup has the spur gear powered directly by the pinion.
- A built-in ball differential gives limited slip effect.
- Stickers are included to recreate the sponsor logos and other markings on the car, including Goodyear logos which were not depicted in Item 84263.
- Torque-tuned motor included for high-level performance.


Warning! Not suitable for children under 14 years.

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