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Article number: 300056043 Product: R/C M551 Sheridan w/Option Kit

Tamiya is delighted to announce another new addition to our ever-expanding series of super-realistic 1/16 scale R/C armor, in the shape of the rather unique M551 Sheridan. The M551 was designed as airdrop capable armor with wading capabilities, a key concept as the U.S. took on the role of global policeman post-WWII. With an aluminum hull and rolled steel turret, it weighed just 15 tons, but had impressive firepower in the shape of the M81 152mm gun/launcher, which could fire standard rounds and MGM-51 Shillelagh missiles. The M551 was in service with active units from 1968 to 1996, and saw action in the jungles of Vietnam.

About the Model

- This is a 1/16 scale R/C model assembly kit. Length: 408mm, width: 177mm,
  height: 186mm.
- The form of the lightweight M551 and its powerful M81 gun is captured with aplomb.
- Die cast components for suspension arms, sprocket wheels, idler arms and more;
  excellent durability.
- Utilizes an aluminum gun barrel for superb accuracy.
- Offers a full range of movement: forward and reverse, a variety of turns,
  turret rotation and gun elevation.
  Suspension features a coil spring for each of the 10 suspension arms,
  giving the model excellent mobility.
- Firing of the main gun is accompanied by an LED flash, realistic recoil, and
  vehicle kickback. Machine gun
  also produces LED flashes when fired.
- Authentic engine and firing sounds were recorded from a full-size vehicle and are
  coordinated with model actions. A large speaker in the model ensures rich sounds.
- Turret upper section is secured by magnets, allowing hassle-free access to the
  electronics within.
- A plethora of lights are recreated, including the turret front searchlight.
  They can be operated via transmitter.
- Assembled link type tracks have elastomer recreations of the rubber pads for an
  authentic look. Multi-Function Unit Battery & Charger Transmitter Motors


Warning! Not suitable for children under 14 years.

R/C M551 Sheridan w/Option Kit

  • Article number: 300056043
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