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1:10 RC Dark Impact 4WD Buggy DF-03

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Product: 1/10 RC Dark Impact 4WD Buggy DF-03

This 1/10 scale 4WD buggy is specially designed to excel in off-road buggy racing. It features a mid-rear mounted motor and longitundinally mounted battery for optimum balance for jumping. Battery is inserted through the bottom of the chassis, eliminating need to remove body, which makes routine maintenance easy and quick. High performance shaft drive 4WD combines with suspension system featuring extra long suspension arms for improved stability and off-road handling.

About the Model

- High performance 1/10 4WD buggy chassis designed for off-
road racing
- 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension features
CVA oil dampers and extra long suspension arms for improved
stability and handling
- Includes sealed diff gearbox indispensable for off-road running
- Features full ball bearings
- Electronic Speed Controller (Not Included)
- Includes 540 type motor
- Newly designed off-road tires and wheels featured larger
diameter and width, and new tread pattern designed for
excellent running and control on hard dirt tracks
- Tires: High Density Spike Tires K (4WD/Front, 62/25), High
Density Spike Tires K (Rear, 62/35)
- Wheels: Large Dish Wheels (4WD/Front, 62/25), Large Dish
Wheels (Rear 62/35)
- 2.94 internal gear ratio.

Warning notices:
Read carefully and fully understand the instructions before commencing assembly. A supervising adult should also read the instructions if a child assembles the model.
When assembling this kit, tools including knives are used. Extra care should be taken to avoid personal injury.
Read and follow the instructions supplied with paints and/or cement, if used (not included in kit).
Keep out of reach of small children. Children must not be allowed to put any parts in their mouths, or pull vinyl bags over their heads.


Warning! Not suitable for children under 14 years.


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1:10 RC Neo Scorcher (TT-02B)

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Product: 1:10 RC Neo Scorcher (TT-02B)

The Scorcher, a popular and speedy 4WD racing buggy from the late-1980s Tamiya line-up, is back, with a new name and updated body! Made from durable polycarbonate and featuring a stylish large rear wing, the body design drew heavily upon the original Scorcher for inspiration, and can be decorated with the minimum of fuss, thanks to the large stickers included. It runs on the easy-assembly shaft-driven 4WD TT-02B, and marries the chassis' controllability with square spike tires for superior grip on rough surfaces. This off-road veteran is back with new features to scorch your rivals!

The shaft-driven 4WD TT-02B buggy chassis uses a skid-shaped frame. Its suspension setup uses 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension with long arms, plus CVA shock units, giving the car assured handling, while L/R suspension arms and uprights are identical to facilitate hassle-free assembly. F/R gearboxes include 4-bevel differentials for smooth operation, and are sealed to ensure that dust can't get inside. The top can be removed simply by loosening 4 screws, making maintenance a breeze. 4 different gear ratios can be applied with the use of 3 separately-sold types of pinion gears, allowing you to match the characteristics of your car setup to the conditions at any given time. Of course, this off-road chassis also includes receiver case and motor cover to protect them from dirt and debris thrown up off of the track.


Warning! Not suitable for children under 14 years.

1st Try TT-02B w/Neo Scorcher

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