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Article number: 300058662 Product: Comical Grasshopper (WR-02CB)

The Grasshopper needs little introduction – a Tamiya legend which has inspired legions of fans since the 1980s. Now the legend is re-imagined as the Comical Grasshopper, with a new body inspired by the famous original, and based upon a new and dedicated variant of a proven off-road chassis: the WR-02CB. It promises to be a fun and highly accessible kit that will be of great interest to beginners and veteran R/C drivers alike.

About the Model

• This is a 1/10 scale R/C model assembly kit. Length: 356mm, width: 244mm. Wheelbase: 170mm.
• The WR-02CB chassis is a new variant specifically for this kit, with superb performance both on- and off-road.
• The chassis retains the durable monocoque centerpiece and inline battery pack position, 4-wheel double wishbone suspension and 2-piece steering tie-rod.
• A brand new polycarbonate body takes the original Grasshopper form as a base, giving it a bold re-design for the shorter chassis. Stickers are also inspired by those on the original.
• Headlight cases come as standard, allowing installation of separately sold 5mm LEDs. They use separate polycarbonate lens components.
• Comes with a driver figure for installation in the model.
• Suspension arms feature multiple damper attachment holes for easily adjustable performance.
• Utilizes 2-piece wheels designed specifically for this model, and molded in durable ABS.
• Tires are also brand new, with rib pattern front and block pattern rear tires.
• CVA Mini shock units provide superb cushioning, even on rough off-road surfaces.


Warning! Not suitable for children under 14 years.

Comical Grasshopper (WR-02CB)

  • Article number: 300058662
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