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Product: Eunos Roadster (M-06)

The classic 1st generation Eunos Roadster (previously used in Item 58325 and 47309) now appears on Tamiya’s M-06 chassis! The Eunos Roadster (sold abroad as MX-5 and Miata) was a massive hit with its rounded form and retractable headlights; as a RWD car, it is a great fit for the RWD M-06 chassis.

About the Model
• This is a 1/10 scale R/C model assembly kit. Length: 390mm, width: 168mm, height: 118mm.
• The classic curves of the first generation Eunos Roadster form are accurately captured in lightweight and durable polycarbonate. Separate parts depict side mirrors.
• Includes marking stickers, and masking stickers for use during the paint job.
• The M-06 chassis features a rear-motor, RWD setup with a longitudinally-mounted battery pack and R/C
units positioned on either side for optimum balance and a low center of gravity.
• This model utilizes the 225mm wheelbase M-06M chassis.
• 8-spoke wheels make for a great look, and are paired with 60D front radial tires and rear super grip radials.
• A host of Hop-Up Option parts are available to customize the chassis to your driving needs.

Warning notices:
Read carefully and fully understand the instructions before commencing assembly. A supervising adult should also read the instructions if a child assembles the model.
When assembling this kit, tools including knives are used. Extra care should be taken to avoid personal injury.
Read and follow the instructions supplied with paints and/or cement, if used (not included in kit).
Keep out of reach of small children. Children must not be allowed to put any parts in their mouths, or pull vinyl bags over their heads.


Warning! Not suitable for children under 14 years.

Eunos Roadster (M-06)

  • Article number: 300047431
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