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Article number: 300058658 Product: TB-05 PRO Chassis

Tamiya is delighted to announce a new model in the TB chassis series of refined shaft-driven 4WD models! The TB-05 is the first new number variant since 2013, and a completely new design brings significant changes. Its composite structure with integrated lower deck and side frame sections facilitates a largely symmetrical design for balanced steering, and has a choice of 2 layouts. With full ball bearings, aluminum propeller shaft, universal shafts and gear differential units, the drivetrain is as smooth as silk, as is the ride thanks to TRF dampers.

Featured Components:

Aluminum Propeller Shafts
TRF Special Dampers (4pcs.)
Universal Shafts
Hi-Torque Servo Saver (Black)
Full Ball Bearings

About the Model

• This is a 1/10 scale R/C chassis assembly kit. Length: 370mm, width: 187mm, wheelbase: 257mm.
• An overhauled design employs a combination of lower deck and upper frame reminiscent of the TA07 PRO and M-07 Concept. This allows a more symmetrical design with attendant boosts to balance and stability.
• Owners can choose between 2 inline motor positions: in the front-center for emphasis on stability, or in the rear for more focus upon acceleration.
• The chassis inherits proven TA07 PRO suspension components, with a steering Ackerman inspired by the TB EVO. 7. TRF special dampers front and rear provide superlative shock absorption.
• Stabilizers are taken from the TRF419 (also used on the TA07 PRO).
• Front and rear gear differential units (TB-04 design), universal shafts and full ball bearings for smooth transfer.
• Steering linkage is attached to TB-04 design bulkheads for minimum chassis roll.
• Wheels and hi-torque servo saver are included as standard.
• Compatible with IFMAR battery pack sizes.


Warning! Not suitable for children under 14 years.

TB-05 PRO Chassis

  • Article number: 300058658
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