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TA-07 Chassis Carbon verstärkt
TA-07 Chassis Carbon verstärkt

TA-07 Chassis Carbon verstärkt

  • Artikelnummer: 300054745
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Art.Nr.: 300054745
Art.bezeichnung: TA-07 Chassis Carbon verstärkt

This is a carbon fiber-reinforced nylon resin version of the kit supplied FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) TA07 lower deck. Use this chassis in combination with stock FRP and Hop-Up Option carbon-reinforced parts to alter the TA-07's chassis flex characteristics. By doing so you can fine tune the TA-07 machine to match the conditions of your racing surface.

•TA07 Lower Deck x1
•Carbon-fiber reinforced deck improves performance on high-grip carpet and asphalt surfaces. Tuning Tip: Use kit supplied parts for low traction conditions.
•It's recommended to use Item 54232 RC M3x0.5mm Thread Forming Tap to pre-tap screw holes.