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TA08 LW Ball Diff Set (37T)
TA08 LW Ball Diff Set (37T)

TA08 LW Ball Diff Set (37T)

  • Article number: 300022040
  • Age recommendation: from 14 years

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Product details

- Aluminum Differential Joint A & B x1 each
- Ball Differential Pulley (37T) x1 (New: Lightweight and slim pulley design)
- Differential Plates x2, 2.6mm Differential Screw x1, Aluminum Differential Nut x1, Ball Differential Spring x1
- 850 Ball Bearings x2
- 3mm Steel Balls x12
- 1/16-inch Steel Balls x8
- Thrust Plates x2
- Ball Differential Grease x1
- Pin Protector (Y part) x1
- Compatible with TA08 PRO, TA07 and TRF420 chassis cars.