1:14 RC US Semi-Trailer Kit
1:14 RC US Semi-Trailer Kit
1:14 RC US Semi-Trailer Kit
1:14 RC US Semi-Trailer Kit
1:14 RC US Semi-Trailer Kit

1:14 RC US Semi-Trailer Kit

  • Article number: 300156302
  • Age recommendation: from 14 years


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Product information

Article number: 300156302
Product: 1/14 RC US Semi-Trailer Kit

This Box Trailer can be hitched-up to a 1/14 scale R/C tractor truck. This trailer uses hard-anodized aluminum panels for the utmost durability and realism. Rear gate doors are open-able, just as seen on full-sized trailers.

Semi-Trailer for T.Truck


Warning! Not suitable for children under 14 years.

Product details

- Length: 34.88 inches (886mm) Width: 7.32 inches (186mm)
- Weight: 11.82 lbs. (5360g)
- Wheels & Tires: Chrome/Radial
- Rear Tread: 5.43 inches (138mm)




Unboxing and first impresion Verified purchase

Prize wise,high quality parts,beautiful metal/aluminium parts for a reasonable prize.

When opening the kit and look at the instruction 100% a Tamiya product.
Cleare highly detailed instruction to follow and for sure a lot of fun to build.
When you once build a RC truck 1/14 this trailer or an other type wil sure complete the purpose of a truck!

Still have to build it.. but like al my other kits, i take my time to make a good planning for my self first,get fimiliar with new parts,instructions, extra optional parts, color sceme etc..
Before i start the buiild

And for sure this trailer is again a collectors item... so no rush in building:-)

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