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Product: 1:32 DeHavilland Mosquito FB Mk.VI

The "Wooden Wonder" makes an appearance in highly impressive 1/32 scale! That was the nickname given to the De Havilland Mosquito series of aircraft, an ingenious and beautiful design which saw the versatile airplane made almost entirely of wood. By the late 1930s, when design work on the Mosquito started, metal was the overwhelmingly favored medium. However, the Mosquito's designer foresaw that metal would become a precious resource in the probable war ahead; what was more, his highly lightweight wooden aircraft would be able to outrun heavier metal opponents. Constructed mainly from balsa wood sandwiched between sheets of birch, the Mosquito was originally designed as a weaponless bomber; once the armed forces and designers realized that the aircraft could withstand enemy fire even if it was caught, a number of variants were produced. The FB Mk.VI debuted in Spring 1943: this fighter-bomber variant packed four 7.7mm machine guns in the nose, plus four powerful 20mm autocannons and the ability to mount four 500lb bombs. Its outstanding speed and range ensured that the FB Mk.VI was used in a range of missions, including raids on important targets and infrastructure in the German homeland. It is often said that, until the advent of the Messerschmitt Me262, the German Luftwaffe did not have an adequate response to the "Mossie."


Warning! Not suitable for children under 14 years.

About the Model
• This is a 1/32 scale plastic model assembly kit.
• At 515mm in wingspan, this masterpiece captures the elegant twin-engine form of the FB Mk.VI with astounding
detail. This newly-tooled model was researched using real Mosquitos.
• The cockpit interior is realistically depicted, right down to details such as the pilot's seat cushion.
• The modeler is presented with a number of options, such as open or closed bomb hatch, and up or down flaps and
• Parts are included to depict 2 different types of propeller.
• Left and right wing parts are connected via spars, just as on the real aircraft. This offers precise and secure
• Separate parts recreate bomb bay and wing underside 500lb bombs, plus 50-gallon drop tanks.
• 3 figures are included, recreating seated pilot and navigator, plus a crew member boarding via ladder.
• Comes with 3 marking options, plus masking stickers for use when painting the canopy. A color painting guide is also
• Includes a 12-page B5 size commemorative booklet including color photographs and a detailed history of the

1:32 DeHavilland Mosquito FB MK.VI

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