Educational kits are practical craft kits for children and adults. One click takes you directly to an overview with the most important information about Educational kits.


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4-Track Crawler


4-Track Crawler



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Educational kits – learn about technology through hands-on activities

It’s a well-known fact that people – no matter children or adults – have different learning styles. While some people prefer a theoretical approach to learning, others acquire knowledge more effectively by engaging in hands-on activities. The TAMIYA educational kits are designed for precisely this purpose.

What are educational kits and model kits?

Our educational and model kits explore themes related to technology and electronics, such as how a motor works, or how to programme the movements of a simple robot. TAMIYA’s educational kits contain all the parts that are required for assembly, and come with detailed instructions. Featuring a range of fun components, each kit is designed to motivate young learners to expand their knowledge and mechanical skills.

What types of model kits are there?

Each TAMIYA educational kit focuses on a specific theme, such as constructing an off-road vehicle or a small robot. For example, you can build a 4-track tracked vehicle, a skate robot, or a STEM microcomputer robot with a fully functional crawler track or wheels. In short, our educational kits are a great tool for people who like to learn through fun and informative hands-on activities.

How to choose the right educational kit or model kit

Our model kits are particularly suitable for learners who struggle to grasp theoretical concepts. Once your child has gained a basic understanding of the underlying principles, they can choose to expand their theoretical knowledge.

Which factors should I consider when purchasing an educational kit?

Before purchasing a model kit, take the time to research the various options. In particular, always refer to the package contents. Some kits contain all necessary parts, whereas others require certain parts to be purchased separately. For this reason, check the product description carefully and ensure that you purchase any required accessories.

How can I find a suitable educational kit or model kit?

To ensure that the educational kit or model kit is suitable for your child, always refer to the manufacturer’s recommended age range. TAMIYA educational kids are designed for children aged 14 and above.