Article number: 300078028
Product: 1:350 US Kampfschiff New Jersey BB-62

The BB-62 USS New Jersey was the most decorated battleship in US Navy history from 1943 to 1991. In 1943 she was commissioned as the second of six Iowa-class battleships. Ships five and six, the BB-65 Illinois and the BB-66 Kentucky, however, were no longer completed and ultimately dismantled again. Like the other Iowa-class ships, the USS New Jersey had a displacement of 45,000 tons, an output of 212,000 hp and was armed with nine 16-inch (40.6 cm) guns spread across three triple turrets (2 fore and 1 aft) with a maximum range of up to 40 km. The ships of the Iowa class were 270.4 m long and had a relatively narrow hull of a maximum of 33 m, so they could easily pass the Panama Canal.

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1:350 US Battleship New Jersey BB-62

  • Article number: 300078028
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