Article number: 300058242 Product: Wild Willy II

The Wild Willy 2 is a reproduction of the popular original Wild Willy from the mid 80s. The new Wild Willy has an all new chassis and larger tires allowing it to tread over rough terrain. Of course, the Wild Willys trade mark is the animated wheelie capability thanks to an all new wheelie bar.

WR-02 Chassis:
The WR-02 chassis features a heavy duty monocoque which has side frames to increase rigidity. R/C unit, motor, and battery pack are positioned along the centerline of the chassis and the motor's power is delivered to the rear wheels via a fully-enclosed gearbox equipped with a differential. A wheelie bar is fitted to enable exciting, wheels in the air driving action. 4-wheel double wishbone suspension and 2-piece steering tie-rod offer smooth steering response. Tires/wheels and the gearbox/motor come pre-assembled for ease of assembly.

Requires: 2-channel radio, 7.2 volt battery & charger, and Tamiya TS paint


Warning! Not suitable for children under 14 years.

● 1/12 Scale 
● Length: 345mm, Width: 270mm, Height: 270mm
● Wheelbase: 170mm
● Weight: 1,360g (not including R/C units and battery pack) 
● Type 540 Motor
● Rear-Wheel Drive
● Tire Width/Diameter: (F/R) 113/70mm 
● Tread: 265mm (Front), 270mm (Rear)
● Monocoque Frame Chassis 
● 3-Bevel Differentials
● 2-Piece Steering Tie-Rod
● 4-Wheel Double Wishbone Suspension
● Gear Ratio=1:18.3

Wild Willy II

  • Article number: 300058242
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