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Art.Nr.: 300061111 Art.bezeichnung: 1:48 Avro Dambuster B Mk III Db/Mk I GSB

This product is basically a diorama ready for assembly and painting: it includes two classic Tamiya 1/48 scale models (Items 61013 and 32558), plus a base and diorama sheet! With an easy-to-follow and logical model assembly process, the set is a great choice for modelling beginners or veterans alike who wish to create a realistic scene.

• Item 61013 1/48 scale Nakajima Ki-84-Ia Hayate (Frank) assembly kit x1. This classic kit accurately recreates the Hayate form complete with fuselage surface detailing, a choice of open or closed canopy, deployed or retracted landing gear, 2 figures and 4 marking options. • Item 32558 1/48 scale Japanese 4x4 Light Vehicle Type 95 Kurogane assembly kit x1. This compact 75mm-length model kit captures the vehicle's unique style. The interior features 3 seats, while a choice of open- or closed-top parts are included. 2 figures are included. • Item 73021 Display Base (Large/Surface 300x160mm) x1. This is a perfect size for displaying your finished Hayate and Kurogane models. It is made from paintable styrene resin, and features sloped sides with a flat back face. • Item 66615 Diorama Material Sheet (Turf) x1. Add the final touch of realism with this sheet. A4 in size, it features yellow, green and brown fibers around 3mm in length that make for a strikingly authentic depiction of a grass surface.

1:48 Avro Dambuster B Mk III Db/Mk I GSB

  • Artikelnummer: 300061111
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