Art.Nr.: 300054729
Artikelbezeichnung: 1:10 Racing Heckspoiler Alpha Carb.Dekor

For touring car races, it is essential to equip a rear wing that matches the body in terms of styling and down force effect. The racing wing version type "A" offers a stepped wing element design and is made of polycarbonate material. This version of the wing incorporates a carbon fiber pattern for stylistic appearance.

Set Contents:
•Racing Wing A x1
•J Parts (wing stays) x1
•Snap pins and O-rings necessary for attachment are included.
•Wing part has carbon pattern pre-printed.
•Compatible with 1/10 scale car bodies that have space to make attachment holes.

1:10 Racing Heckspoiler Alpha Carb.Dekor

  • Artikelnummer: 300054729
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