Art.Nr.: 300054787
Artikelbezeichnung: M-07C Alu Querlenkerhalter hi./+0,5 blau

These durable, precision suspension shaft mounts have suspension ball holes offset by 0.5mm (2 different positions) compared to the standard mounts in Item 54760 M-07 Concept Rr Sus. Mount Aluminum. By switching their attachment positions, you can alter rear suspension arm skid angle! They give secure arm attachment, and keep motion smooth, even with toe applied.

•Aluminum Rear Suspension Mounts x4 (2 types x2 each)
•Blue anodized finish.
•Small parts for attachment are included.
•Compatible with M-07 Concept chassis cars.

M-07C Alu Querlenkerhalter hi./+0,5 blau

  • Artikelnummer: 300054787
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