Art.Nr.: 300054757
Artikelbezeichnung: M-07C Stabi-Set (2+2) Soft/Hart Vo./Hi.

These stabilizers are designed to be used with the M-07 Concept machine. They are a valuable tool in adjusting the M-07 Concept setup by quickly and easily altering the suspension rigidity and handling characteristics. The set includes 2 stiffness’s for the front and rear of the car, plus adjusters to easily alter the Left and right balance.

•Front Stabilizers (Soft: red, Hard: blue) x2
•Rear Stabilizers (Soft: red, Hard: blue) x2
•Adjuster rods, stabilizer stoppers and small parts for attachment included.
•Compatible with M-07 Concept chassis.

M-07C Stabi-Set (2+2) Soft/Hart Vo./Hi.

  • Artikelnummer: 300054757
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