Art.Nr.: 300054580
Art.bezeichnung: TRF418/TA Achsschenkelhalter 4° verstärkt (2)

These are new carbon reinforced hub carriers that have been specifically designed to accommodate double-cardan swing shafts. They have a built in caster of 4 degrees and are compatible with Tamiya’s short reversible suspension arm systems seen on the TB-03, TB-04, TA-05, TA-06, FF-03, TRF 416, and 417.
Carbon Reinforced Hub Carrier (4˚) x1
The design prevents it coming into contact with double cardan shafts when used.
Can be attached directly to Item 53928 Short Reversible Suspension Arm set.
4˚ angle makes the car well-suited to smaller circuits with lower-speed corners.
Compatible with cars fitted with Item 53928 Short Reversible Suspension Arms.

TRF418/TA Achsschenkelhalter 4° verstärkt (2)

  • Artikelnummer: 300054580
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