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TRF 44mm Doppelkardanwelle Stahl (2)
TRF 44mm Doppelkardanwelle Stahl (2)

TRF 44mm Doppelkardanwelle Stahl (2)

  • Artikelnummer: 300042216

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Art.Nr.: 300042216
Artikelbezeichnung: TRF 44mm Doppelkardanwelle Stahl (2)

This Double Cardan Joint Shaft features two joint sections to minimize rotational vibrations for better suspension feel. The shafts are made from high-strength steel and are especially ideal for use with direct couplings (Spools). The overall length is equivalent to that of a standard 44mm universal drive shaft. Each component is available separately as a spare part to aid with maintenance.

Achtung! Nicht geeignet für Kinder unter 3 Jahren. Erstickungsgefahr durch Kleinteile.