Art.Nr.: 300051659
Art.bezeichnung: M-Chassis 10-C-Speichenfelgen (4) sw

These wheels, which are color variations of Item 51405 and were recently used on our model of the Suzuki Swift sport (Item 58679) are now to be made available as spare parts for your M-chassis car and more!

Item Contents/Information
• C-Shaped 10-Spoke Wheels (Black) x4
• Compatible chassis: M-08 Concept, M-07 Concept, M-06, M-06 PRO, M-05 Ver.II PRO, M-05, M-05 PRO, T3-01, SW-01 and MF-01X.
• Compatible tires: Items 50568, 50683, 50684, 53215, 53222, 53254, 53340 and 54216.

M-Chassis 10-C-Speichenfelgen (4) sw

  • Artikelnummer: 300051659
  • Altersempfehlung: ab 14 Jahre
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