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Article number: 300053937
Product: Tamiya TLU-02 Light Control Unit

The Tamiya LED Light Control Unit TLU-02 enables various light effects when used with separately available Tamiya LED lights and LED Light Unit (TLU-01). The unit enhances overall appearance and realism of your electric radio control touring car. A total of 16 sets (32 lights) of LED Lights can be lit up by connecting two TLU-01 units. Set-up is similar to an ESC, and is simple to understand even for beginners.
*Requires transmitter, battery, TLU-01 unit and LED lights (not included).

Main light effects

*Select headlights, position and fog lights to reproduce realistic evening and night driving.
*Brake, backup lights and blinkers can be activated according to transmitter operation.
*Hazard lights flash after car stops.
*Realistic passing lights.
*Lights flash during acceleration.
*Siren-like LED Lights.
*Unidirectional flashing of 8 LED Lights.
*Back and forth flashing of 8 LED Lights.


This article takes you through the TLU-02 setup.

LED Light Control Unit TLU-02

Tamiya TLU-02 Light Control Unit

  • Article number: 300053937
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