Article number: 300054925
Product: 630 Ball Bearings (8)

Ball bearings are an excellent first step when tuning up your chassis from box stock, providing more efficient drive and longer lasting fun thanks to less wear and tear on moving parts. The 630 ball bearings in this set are for use in the reduction gears on the G6-01TR and GF-01TR chassis.

Item Contents/Information
• 630 Ball Bearings x8
• For use in the reduction gears on G6-01TR and GF-01TR chassis models. Each reduction gear requires two 630 ball bearings – sixteen total (two of this set) to kit out the GF-01, or twenty-four (three of this set) to kit out the G6-01.
• Compatible with GF-01TR and G6-01TR chassis cars.

630 Ball Bearings (8)

  • Article number: 300054925
  • Age recommendation: from 14 years
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