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Article number: 300054140 Product: DB-01/TRF501X Reinforc.Belt 369x3,7mm(1)

•The clean-type drive belt resists dust and maintains optimum drive efficiency. •The drive belt core makes it approximately 1.5 times stronger than previous drive belts. •While still providing flexibility and low drive resistance for improved performance. •The belt has a very long life and the teeth do not slip as it has been reinforced. •369 belt size, Width: 3.7mm. •Can be used with any DB01 chassis and TRF501X WE and TRF511 machines. •DB01 Reinforced Drive Belt x 1pc.

DB01 Reinforced Drive Belt

DB-01/TRF501X Reinforc.Belt 369x3,7mm(1)

  • Article number: 300054140
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