Article number: 300054954
Product: ST Block R Bubble Tire Soft (2)

Your setup options for the GF-01CB chassis just increased with the release of these soft versions of the ST block bubble tires from the Comical Avante kit (Item 58678)!

• ST Block Rear Bubble Tires (Soft) x2
• Tires are softer than kit-standard counterparts, giving greater grip on poor surfaces.
• The stepped block patterns are not only effective grip-wise, they also have a stylish look.
• Compatible with GF-01, G6-01, WR-02C, WR-02G and WR-02CB cars using WR-02CB S (spoke) and T (rim) parts.

ST Block R Bubble Tire Soft (2)

  • Article number: 300054954
  • Age recommendation: from 14 years
Is not available from the factory
Subject to prior sale, availability are provided on a daily basis and non-binding.
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