Article number: 300042292
Product: TRF Aluminium Parts Tray 110x140mm

Are you tired of small parts such as screws, spacers and so on rolling around your pit table and going missing? This aluminum tray eliminates such problems, keeping your table neat and tidy.

Item Contents/Information
• Aluminum Parts Tray x1
• Tray dimensions: 110mm x 140mm
• This thin and lightweight product features deep indentations to ensure that parts do not fly out of the tray.
• A handy scale is marked on the tray. Inserting your screw head in the indentation allows simple measurement of screw length.
• Finished in a stylish blue and decorated with the TRF team logo.

TRF Aluminium Parts Tray 110x140mm

  • Article number: 300042292
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