Article number: 300042354
Product: TRF Big Bore Dampers+ (4)

This is a tuned up version of the popular TRF419 chassis kit design dampers from Item 42287, now partnered by the recent reinforced V parts from Item 54871. Fit them for excellent grip on your touring car model.

Set Contents/Information
• This set contains parts for four dampers, including HL cylinders, titanium-coated shafts and high performance silicone O-rings (transparent).
• Damper cylinder diameter is 0.5mm wider than standard dampers, allowing 10% more oil.
• Aluminum spring retainers get the most out of your springs.
• Aluminum parts have the iconic Tamiya blue anodized finish.
• The V parts were completely overhauled when released as Item 54871, and offer a wide range of setup options. The new designs and material also boost durability and squeeze even more performance out of your dampers.
• Compatible with touring cars.

TRF Big Bore Dampers+ (4)

  • Article number: 300042354
  • Age recommendation: from 14 years
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