Article number: 300054704
Product: TRF420/419/TA-07 Alu Steering Arm Set

This lightweight, rigid aluminum parts share the proven TRF419 race machine design. Fit them in place of the kit-standard plastic TA07 PRO parts to add bite to your handling at high speed.

• Aluminum Steering Arm x2
• Parts have a blue anodized finish.
• 850 ball bearings are pre-inserted into the arms.
• Recommended for use with Item 54705 TA07 Aluminum Steering Bridge.
• Compatible with the TA07 PRO chassis, TRF419 and TRF419X chassis.

TRF420/419/TA-07 Alu Steering Arm Set

  • Article number: 300054704
  • Age recommendation: from 14 years
Is not available from the factory
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